Assessment results

Final results for Understanding Visual Culture available here:

512666 Sarah-Jane Field – VS1 UVC Marksheet


14 thoughts on “Assessment results

  1. Excellent results – congratulations again.

    I don’t quite understand comment re Harvard referencing so must obviously read it all thoroughly before I attempt my essay for DiAC. I also think there’s much discussion to be had regarding inclusion of ‘self’ in analytical essays. I’m going to make notes when I read something that applies.


    1. Perhaps the Harvard referencing comment indicates that whoever wrote it only read Assignment 1 because I absolutely did use Harvard referencing from A2 onwards once it was pointed out to me. Of course, I may well not understand what Harvard referencing actually is but I’m pretty sure I’ve got it right – since I looked very carefully indeed at making sure. I am very, very dubious of the old fashioned habit of denying self in critical writing. It seems out of date, however, I am aware that there are places where self would not be appropriate. Nevertheless, it risks sterility for me and is less interesting in some cases (in my humble opinion). Thanks, Catherine.


  2. Congratulations for this fantastic result Sarah-Jane! And also for making it through this demanding course! The level of reflection you are doing on Self&Other really demonstrates how you benefited from it. I wish you the best in the next stages!


  3. Excellent result- many congrats for your achievement on an outmost challenging course unit I am in middle of it myself. That it is a very supportive course is quite visible and readable from your notes on your current course. A pleasure to know and work with you. Concerning the Harvard reference the way I read it: that all references should follow harvard and appear in the biibliography. Example – as I am currently re-reading your A5 essay: p.4 footnote Susan Greenfield footnote with link to her webpage. In the bibliography is an item Greenfield (2017) -> assume the assesors would like to see that you refer to her in the text as (Greenfield, 2017) My reading, hope it is what it is. I am finalising my A3 and those questions do bother me very much right now.
    ‘removal of the self’: big thing – writing only neutral academic, or as you said sterile. I have to say that I am very inspired by your blog UVC, and all your wrote incl the challenge of the ‘personal touch. Perhaps a reason why I took the learning quite literally and go to other side at the moment and keeping my personal touch out of the essay and all in the blog.
    Would you mind, if you have time etc, , to have a look at my draft essay that I currently put for critique in the forum? (the link to my blog entry:
    Again, excellent results and very much worth to celebrate. You are my benchmark


    1. Thanks, Stephan. Yes, my issue with referencing is probably lack of consistency but but a bit mad to say I didn’t use Harvard simply because I missed a (name, date) in a footnote. I hope I put names and dates everywhere necessary in the body. Perhaps I need your super sharp eye to proof in future. I will read your draft essay but I can’t do so until later today or tomorrow morning. Is that OK? Thank you for your kind comments. You’ll presumably do very well keeping your ‘self’ out of the essay. I am too ‘naughty’ to do that. But only because I also question it. In English there is an expression we use when an argument is a bit irrelevant and lacking in any real-life meaning; “It’s all academic”. And the current negative rhetoric pertaining to ‘elites’ is at times more than a little self inflicted perhaps…

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      1. Thanks for you me feedback – well I will not keep myself put – the current feedbacks flooding in as well as your perspective makes it more relevant. Would it go back to pleasing others or pleasing oneself or to add critical value to a discourse. I know that I am very ‘good’ at overadapting, an aspect of life that took already its toll. I assume one is checking the edges to find one own authentic place. Don’t mind of timing, it is valuable and important for me.

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