Final Post and Note for Assessors

This will be my final UVC post. I have very much enjoyed the course, found it extremely worthwhile and would recommend it to anyone wanting to explore an introduction to a wide range of related topics that underpin image-making today. I think what I have learnt here will be invaluable going forward.

For assessment, I will be sending in documents which include the most up to date assignment for each section, tutor feedback and any initial response I had.

I hope information on the blog is accessible and that specific items are easy to find via the menu system in the top right hand corner. There is a search widget too. All my assignments, feedback, responses and subsequent re-writes are available under each assignment number in the menu. Within each section within the coursework part you will find numbered projects. However, I have also included the most relevant notes, especially where we were asked in the course folder to make them. There is a lot of reflection in the notes section which will be related to projects and assignments.

The menu also has a section for self-directed photography work that I made while studying UVC. I was not sure whether to include it, but needed to put it somewhere and since UVC informed so much of what I was doing I felt it might be useful. However, for my next course I have created a separate blog which links to my new OCA blog but has its own menu and environment. I am also far more familiar with building menus and making categories in WordPress so hopefully the next blog will be an improvement organisation-wise.

I have signed up to do Self & Other next.


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