Notes: Links to Lacan & Myth, Derrida on Narcissus, and brief observations re mirrors and movie stars

A couple of links that I want to record somewhere so I don’t forget and can find them relatively easily.

Brecht was critical about the way a movie star’s ego could override the narrative.  I re-read my post on Vertigo this morning and see I have done exactly that, without having realised. I think there is something important in my conflation of James Stewart and his character (other than merely being yet more evidence of a confused and muddy thought process!) and I know Mulvey refers to how people connect with movie stars.”A male movie star’s glamorous characteristics are thus not those of the erotic object of the gaze, but those are the more perfect, more complete, more powerful ideal ego conceived in the original moment of recognition in front of the mirror” (Mulvey, 1973;385)

The other thing I have been been thinking about is the Jewish ritual of covering all the mirrors in the house after someone dies. I think its interesting and worth thinking about further.



Evans, J. and Hall, S. (1999). Visual culture. London: SAGE Publications in association with the Open University.


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