It was useful to meet up with the TV group on Saturday.  We discussed several things and heard from most people about work they have been doing.

  • Sketchbooks – I found this session very useful. Seeing what other people do and how they use sketch/notebooks.  I don’t and all my references and links are online in one form or another. I use twitter heavily reading articles and finding work there that I think will be useful for my own work. Although I often like or retweet things that I want to remember this isn’t always the best way of recording things.  Often I might remember a quote or an article but struggle to re-find it. I did use my blog more often as a place to record things during TAOP but I have felt unsure about doing so on this course and so any note-book entries have been limited. Perhaps it would have been helpful to have a separate but linked blog for my notebook/personal work entries and kept this blog only for project and assignment work.  Something to consider for the next module, should I do one.
  • Century of the Self – it has been a few weeks since I watched this series, which I found to be extremely relevant to this course, so was grateful for the suggestion to look at it.  Mostly we agreed at the meeting that Curtis employed similar tactics to the ones he criticised in making the programme – a polemic with very little scope for question. That said, most of us felt it was a powerful, l thought-provoking documentary series that bought up serious questions.  When people conceded that they might not always be making shopping decisions entirely without influence I was reminded of the article I recently read in the NY Times about self, consciousness, and decision-making,  I thought this offered some excellent examples and arguments in support of some of the more challenging hypothesis’ in Curtis’ programme – namely that are not really in very much control, that any sense of control is an illusion. However, as has been discussed on FB briefly, some of the accusations made against Freud, or at least in his name, were slightly suspect.
    I have found, especially since joining OCA that there is a fashionable distaste for Freud’s theories in general.  There are many who feel much of what he said has been debunked – but only the other day I read an article that stated some of his theories, which have previously been dismissed, are now resurfacing as probable and even proven as discussed here:  From what I know of Jung, he too believed that the more we suppress in our conscious lives the weirder and more troubling our dreams might be. I must admit, I don’t know enough to argue for or against Freud with much rigour, but it does seem to me that a great deal of his work has filtered into general culture and so regardless of anything else, to dismiss him is a mistake.  I think this for several reasons and will discuss in the project where we are asked to look at some of his theories more closely. Nevertheless in the meantime, I think it behoves one to be wary of ‘rubbishing’ Freud or viewing his entire life’s work as anything less than extremely important.
  • A lot of the work at TV was interesting and inspiring but in particular I was incredibly impressed with Anna Goodchild’s project. She had created a book that folded out (there was a particular term which I will need to ask Anna about) – in it she had collated selfies of photographers from around the world taken on the day of the result of the EU referendum, holding newspapers from their part of the world so we could see the headlines of the day. I had hoped to look at the book more closely but never got a chance and regret that as it was the most fascinating project.  Really loved hearing about it.
  • I also spoke about my own girlhood project and have written about that elsewhere.
  • Books I saw which I’d like to buy and other recommendations – Revelations Diane Airbus. There is a new autobiography of Airbus too which I want, but this book looks great as it has lots of her sketchbook and archive material in, including a photograph of her taken in Le Touquet which stood out for me as the photo at the top of this post was taken in the same Northern French Town, and it is one of mine that means something to me. Indeed that particular holiday does too and my son, who has never asked for many of my pictures really wanted a print of it to hang in his room.  I love little connections like that. Other titles included Bending the Frame, Bitter Lake and Practices of Looking An Introduction to Visual Culture, and lastly La Jetee. Video/editing software recommended Premier Pro

Image (c)SJField 2015




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