Assignment 3 possibility

Having written about the previous OBV poster in Project 2, I might focus on the newest advert in the campaign, released by Saatchi which looks like a far more powerful advert than the one I wrote about, perhaps because it taps into class more obviously, as well as race.  There is a great deal to say about what is being signified.  I am a bit weary about tackling it though.  I would therefore be grateful for any comments from fellow students either here or privately.  Many thanks.

I am adding a link to the following article because I think it offers a really interesting argument about the first image I wrote about last week



4 thoughts on “Assignment 3 possibility

  1. Not sure what to say here Sarah-Jane 😦 Clearly the two adverts address similar issues which, from a learning aspect reduces the possibilities – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In that you could consider the subtleties of each advert, whether the targeting is more nuanced one way or another – for example. You have identified an additional trope in ‘class’, which might allow for some thoughts around neoliberalism as opposed to simply ‘othering’ which is the racism ‘card’.
    I feel fairly sure that you could do a good job investigating those differences/accents in the messaging.
    I’m not sure you meant weary, as opposed to wary? But I am weary of the current debate which isn’t looking very promising. I’m weary of trying to defend a position against right wing dogma and the placement of any ‘other’ as seemingly not worthy of being on the same, small minded island. I am scared of the outcome perhaps whichever way it goes, but I suppose that will always be the case when the question is a binary – you are with me or agin me, on my side or my foe, black or white. Sorry!


    1. I did mean wary – but weary is right too. I have no idea what it is to be born into a world where people see the colour of my skin before anything else, and all that entails, which is what makes me wary. I’ve written about the first one already and wondered if it might be an interesting idea to concentrate on the subsequent one for the assignment where I must write a formal essay deconstructing an advert. But I’ll keep looking to see if something else jumps out at me. Thanks for your thoughts.


  2. Thanks for those links Sarah-Jane. I’m not experiencing the advert as powerful as to me it isn’t saying anything new – just putting it in a different way. There’s also the aspect of gender as well in terms of proportionality.

    Like John, I wasn’t sure whether you meant weary or wary. I’m certainly weary and just want the referendum to be over so the politicians can concentrate on sorting out all the structural issues that bedevil us. Given that I’m cynical regarding all of them I doubt there’s much hope of that happening but will try to be optimistic.


    1. I shouldn’t think they’ll sort all that out – regardless of who’s in charge. This country is just too beset with history that keep centuries old class structures in place and the ones in charge think that’s the way it ought to be … Anyway, thank you for your thoughts. See above re the answer the I gave John re the advert and A3.


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