Assignment 2: Further Feedback

I was pleased to receive an email from my tutor telling me I have put my “finger on the paradox that the artists intended it (Post Modernism) to be” and that the “reference goes back and forth, failing to arrive.” I wasn’t sure I had reached total understanding about this in fact, but the whole thing continues to swirl around in my head as I keep reading and investigating.

What troubled me, but only because I am more than a little devoted to Jung (the philandering misogynist!) and the importance of his fantastic inner worlds and subjective self, is the following: “It is first and foremost anti-subjective and has no truck with an inner self – the artist’s or anyone else.  Hence interpretation can’t get started.”  Is Post -Modernism in that case “disordered” and “dysfunctional” I wonder? I suppose only if you view it in those therapeutic terms and that it might be useful to broaden my perspective if possible.

I continue, of course, to be  extremely interested to see what Post-Modernism will evolve into.  I do love doing this course by the way.


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