Brendan, the friend who has bought the pub I am documenting (when I am able to … time is always so restricted) is doing an MSC in Responsibility and Sustainability and last night his cohort were invited to an event to see the pub and meet another local person who is instrumental in providing spaces where communities are encouraged to connect.  It’s really interesting because I can see that Brendan’s studies are closely linked to some of the Marx, constructivism and societal subjects we have covered here to date.  Johnny Sertin is a local vicar who manages Paradise, another local venture aimed at encouraging people in the community together.  Last night he talked about bringing parts of Earlsfield back to life.  Since I moved here in 1997 there have been some huge changes.  Northcote Road was quite dilapidated when I arrived here and is now thriving, but over the years many of the small businesses that contributed to its earlier popularity have had to leave as the rent went up and much bigger companies, big brands moved in.  Now it’s a very upmarket and expensive road (although, if you know what to avoid, and where to go you can find really great places). Garratt Lane will go that way eventually too.  The little stretch of Garratt Lane that the Grosvenor Arms is on is filled with history.  This is a great and relevant project to be embarking on – although it probably has the potential to be bigger than I can currently cope with.  I guess slowly, slowly… or something.  I don’t know!  I asked a local shop owner if I could photograph his shop and he was very unfriendly… I can see why, his shop seems to supply more than it advertises… but we will see how things progress.  Anyway, here are some interesting shots, plus some I wasn’t sure about how appropriate for my commercial blog they might be.  But I like the human interest, shapes and gestures.  The guy talking in the main image above gave an inspirational talk before they all sat down for supper – some of it was quite ‘spiritual’ in flavour.  I wonder how that would go down with hard core capitalists (such as my oldest son tells me he aims to be!)

Images (c)SJField 2016


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