Personal project: Research Romantic Love and & Anthropology

Is romantic love a modern Western concept? Is there only lust and then after that either a mutual deepening friendship, healthy dependency between two separate selves, a two-way sense of respect at one end of the spectrum and something altogether the opposite at the other end? I read the following paper about a year ago and it has stayed with me ever since and informs some of what I’m doing with the Girlhood project.  I suspect to read the entire paper (it’s not long) you will need to be joined up to  Here is a screen shot of the introduction,a paper by Charles Lindholm, 2006.  Perhaps I should email him with my project.  Incidentally, if anyone has old copies of Danielle Steel books I can cut up it would be great to receive them, or Princess Daisy; do you remember that one?  I shall dig through my mind and think of others I read at that time and am on the hunt for them – if anyone sees them in second hand book shops please let me know.

“sexuality and femininity – constructed as …” ? Mary Kelly

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 08.15.47.png


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