This is a big project and one that requires time, not only to shoot it, but time to pass before I will be able to look back at it and figure out where I’m going with it.  I am working alongside the landlord of the Grosvenor as he writes his inquiry which will inform his MSC in Responsibility & Sustainability.  One of the most useful things about being involved in this project is that I am really able to underline the various different genres of photography I am being asked to supply.  1) documentary photography – I am recording people who exist in the pub slowly over time, some images are candid, some are relaxed portraits.  I am able to make use of the darkness in the pub which I like doing. 2) event photography  – this is quite challenging as the lighting is very, very low.  Last week as I tried to manually focus without any light at all, on speeches being made, I became quite frustrated as there was some guess work involved.  I must use whatever it takes to capture people enjoying themselves and being part of the event. I was glad to direct our new mayor to a place where there was more light to take a photograph of him (he was jolly professional/slick and kept using my first name to ask me if I had what I wanted and if I needed anything else from him) 3)commercial images for publicity – these are probably the most challenging so far, mainly because of the dark, but also because they actually require some degree of thought and planning that I probably hadn’t considered.  The ceiling is red so I can’t bounce flash of it, the people in the images ideally need to be involved and directed, and need to look a certain way.  I think I also need to take more control over this and offer my opinion about what might work, lighting etc. I had a nightmare transferring images from a corrupted card last week and that was a bit of a learning curve too.  I feel like I haven’t really got what is needed yet for that.  It has taken me a few days to get my head round this, so hopefully I can set it all up and sort it out early next week,  but I realised when I looked through what I’d taken so far, that apart from a few close up shots of lovely things in the pub, there wasn’t much I’d want or think was appropriate on a commercial website which aims to attract and inform potential customers.  All in all though it’s an excellent project to be involved in and I’m grateful for the learning opportunity – I would say the darkness is the biggest challenge to overcome.

All images (c)SJField 2016


IMG_7776IMG_7933IMG_7916IMG_7886IMG_7862DSCF1555DSCF0521chandelier minus reflection (1 of 1)


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