Thought about leaping and jumping after yesterday’s shoot, and the few I’ve captured over the last few weeks and remembered this which I’d posted last year on my commercial blog.  This is my mum holding me at what looks like about 3 months old or so.  She was a dancer at Tring as a child hence the splits (I’d have probably chosen a slightly different  pant-length…. )  It’s a great shot and sadly we don’t know the photographer’s name.

I was also reminded of the series of fabulous shots I came across last year by Phillipe Halsman which I just loved.  There is so much joy and magic in them and the act of leaping seems to allow our usual pent up ‘grown-upness’ to fall away momentarily (but always and forever in the photograph).


Fam 3 001
Me and my mum



4 thoughts on “Leaping

    1. Catherine, I very selfishly kept all the leaping to myself! I shall have to photograph everyone leaping next time we manage to get there. It was so much fun. Although my back muscles were quite sore at the end of the day but probably no need for everyone to do as much as I did. Glad the link made you smile. x


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