On Saturday I went to the first TV meeting I have been able to attend in ages which was really useful.  Great to see how others’ work is developing and growing, especially work I’ve watched develop over the weeks and months.

I presented some work I am doing which has been inspired in part by the things I’m learning in UVC, especially about how structures inform our thoughts and shape our existence in subtle and not so subtle ways.

I had shown this work to two fellow students previously, or rather the beginnings of it.  And it was quite nerve-wracking showing it and talking about it to a group of people this time.  Comments I found particularly helpful:

Various recommendations of work to look at from people

I hope I have got everyone there and apologies if I’ve confused names about who told me to look at what (Do let me know!)

I have also been sent an essay title by Jayne – “Throwing lIke A Girl” by Iris Marion Young. I have downloaded the essay and will need to wait a week or two before ordering the book as I’m trying hard not to just keep ordering willy nilly – but this one (like all the others) looks like something I really need/want. (You should see my pile of unread books to attend to!)

We discussed the different levels of the work – autobiographical nature as well as social commentary  and Jayne very helpfully identified three strands within the work so far which gives me something to work with since I was feeling a little overwhelmed and engulfed by the project.  Talking about it and receiving feedback was really useful.


This morning we went to a studio in Wokingham as I was offered some promotional time there by Roger Goodwin.  Although I am working on the above project and the pub thing I’ve mention here before, I had no specific project that I would need to look at in a studio.  So I asked some fellow students if they’d like to join me and arranged to have a  slightly longer time there – for which we were all grateful.  Roger, the owner/manager welcomed five of us, Richard B, Holly, Dawn, Catherine and myself.  We all had a good introduction and play with the equipment, which was great.

I was a bit finicky when organising, which I felt a bit bad about, but I felt strongly that it should be as relaxed a possible, so wanted to avoid having people other than us lot there – i.e. no models unless we were working on a specific project that required one/them.  I also thought it was best to have some ideas to work with, as I felt to simply turn up and hope for the best was probably not ideal. I think I may have sensed some discomfort about having to model ourselves which I understand but I was happy to do so (my acting background makes me less uncomfortable than others might be, and in fact I rather enjoy it) but I also think it’s important to be ok in front of a camera when working with/helping each other out at this point in our studies.  There is something about being in front of the camera which seems to be an important part of the process for us as we study.  It can uncomfortable, but it’s also OK and good to know that.

I am really quite interested in capturing motion right now and have so far included some suspended motion shots in my unedited collection of images of the work mentioned above.  Having begun my studies with a very blurry set of images, I am now trying to freeze the action in some photographs and really enjoy the amazing expressions and magical, transformative moments that are possible.  Suspended motion in particular is full of possibilities.  So when it was my turn I asked Richard to photograph me jumping. I found the exercise really useful and was made aware of all the things I would need to consider if taking this forward as part of my current project or as a separate one that might grow out of it – as a further development.

I will add links to the other student’s work on this page as and when it becomes available.  It was great to work together for a morning and definitely worth doing again soon.

Here are a few shots from this morning.  Huge thanks to Roger Goodwin at http://www.10-studio.com – a fantastic space with acess to wonderful equipment.

Thank you to Richard B for taking the shots

Holly’s post 

Catherine’s post

Dawn’s post



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6 thoughts on “TV Meeting 16/4/16 & Studio Time 22/4/16

    1. Good, the jumping thing has been on my mind for a while and is what I was thinking about for the central image I initially mentioned to you. It’s been on the back burner but today was perfect chance to explore it… Glad you saw those things. I certainly think it’s worth taking further one way or another…

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  1. It was a good session and thank you so much for organising it. “Jumping’ was such a good idea.
    I was trying to remember a video about throwing like a girl and, when I followed Holly’s link to Lauren Greenfield, I remembered it. I’ve got the actual YouTube link but it will embed itself if I give it to you here so here’s another link http://blogs.wsj.com/cmo/2014/07/01/viral-video-of-week-an-ad-that-challenges-what-it-means-to-throw-like-a-girl/ . An Always campaign directed by Lauren Greenfield.


  2. Thank you, Catherine. Really pleased you enjoyed it so much. The leaping is inspired by several things but see this – I loved them when I came across them last year some time. http://philippehalsman.com/?image=jumps Thanks for the link. I noticed one didn’t work last night on my iPad so need to double check them now. I have seen the video before and may have retweeted it because I found it interesting. Added some shots from today’s shoot to my growing collection if you have time to take a peak. x


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