More notes for A2: Choosing artists to concentrate on

Honing in on who I want to discuss  – definitely sticking to the 80s/early 90s, rather than anyone working today (as advised, and I am paying attention to that advice although it pains me to…but I’m aware that’s more than likely about something else unconnected.  I will also do my best to be objective when writing the assignment – although the thought of that of course pains me too.  Maybe I’ll provide an accompanying post that is horrifically subjective just to get it off my chest).  We must choose 6 artists and a piece of work from each to annotate and discuss

Other people’s work

Sarah Charlesworth – image from Stills series that was also appropriated by Andy Warhole, in fact, she appropriated it from him, I believe.

Sherrie Levine – not sure yet

??? yet to identify final artist for this section


Everyday objects

Felix Gonzalez Torres – Probably the advertising boards to explore the conversation surrounding AIDs and the death of his partner

Jenny Holzer – Waterboard

Martha Rosler – One of the House Beautiful images (Shall I pick one from the second much later series in relation to the Gulf war or stick with early images in relation to Vietnam?  instinct tells me later as it will provide a later reference point but one that originates in the early moments of this movement, offering a through line.)


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