Further reading relating to Good Taste: Project 3

Here is a link to a story about the continued narrowing of education in the UK which I touched on in Project 3


And a column about a truly delightful trend which looks at the way people treat each other.  I actually remember speaking with some people in their 30s about the subject covered here.  One of them surmised that Internet dating makes it so easy to view people as objects, which consequently means that it’s easy to treat them as such.  If the following article is a true depiction of the world we live in then we have reduced ourselves to the level of trussed up chickens in the supermarket and not much more –





2 thoughts on “Further reading relating to Good Taste: Project 3

  1. Regarding the first – I think one of the major difficulties is that children have to choose certain paths at an early stage, even to the extent of knowing, at the age of 15 or so, what they would like to be doing for the rest of their life to earn some money to live. Actually that’s an improvement I suppose, given that children used to be expected to work around the age of 8 or even earlier. The pragmatic side of me thinks well, at least they’ll get to do art even if it’s seen as a ‘hobby. The idealistic and political sides of me think that maybe Universities should insist that every applicant has studied an Arts subject.


    1. It’s very short sighted of the powers that be to keep narrowing the curriculum. I found the article you posted on FB interesting too although have read plenty in that vein before. In principle I agree but there are whole swathes of society for whom it will always be better to be at school in a safe, structured environment because the alternative at home is so chaotic. Unschooling and home-schooling is a luxury that the vast majority simply cannot do for lots and lots of reasons. My children are better off at school even though there is so much to question about it’s methods. But politicians need to get their short sighted mitts off education because they are driven by entirely the wrong things when making decisions about how school should operate. Yes, it is better that kids that don’t have to go down mines and up chimneys in our country but there are still plenty round the world that still do. The Invention of Childhood by Hugh Cunningham is a good book if you’ve not come across it and are interested in this.


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