One of the more challenging things with this course is the depth of subject matter. There is so much incredibly interesting stuff to look at which is great but it’s very easy to get bogged down and find yourself taking ages to get through things.  I am mindful of the fact that we have a limited amount of time and I have yet to do C&N before moving on to the next level which may prove tricky if I want to achieve my goal of doing an MA before I drop dead.  Or at any rate, whilst I can still benefit from it for work purposes as well as personal satisfaction/achievement/development etc.  I have asked about writing notes for projects, which to be honest I’d rather not do as I think I learn more when writing properly, but in light of time constraints think I would be better off doing so, even though I have been told sentences are better.  However, a fellow student was given contradictory advice and told to do notes for the projects.  I’d love to keep going as I have been, since I don’t really think as much when just writing notes, but I really do need to crack on with things.

The following advice was given to my colleague:

  • Illustrate Assignments as much as possible- on word document you can use the image and reference it but on Blog , use a linkGood, I’m comfortable with this.
  • No need to write in essay form unless you want to. Annotated images and extended notes are fine. I need to clarify this with my own new tutor
  • Send Assignment as Word document so Tutor can add in comments where needed. Post projects to blog. I like having all my work on my blog but am happy to send Word docs in addition with images included for assignments  – and will endeavour to do that unless told otherwise
  • Visual studies is an investigation into the change of ideas over time. Each ‘ism’ has an idea that may well contradict another ‘ism’.
  • Reading around the subjects with visiting exhibitions, films ,theatre, ect will help to investigate our visual culture with the influence of past cultures. (foundations of study from the past). keep a critical eye open and write less descriptive and more analytical.
  • Relate things as metaphors maybe ????
  • Try to think out of your comfort zone.



Notes taken from Melinda Winter’s blog UVC accessed on 27th March 2016



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