I was pleased to receive some positive & encouraging feedback including constructive  help about writing. I will in future use subheadings while I write and then delete them to make sure I cover everything I want to say and try to have a more cohesive, in-depth examination of the ideas I’m looking at and having.  I suppose the problem with this is I often don’t know what I want to say until I’ve started writing – I’ll have some mental bullet points and ideas but as I write I work it out.  Saying that, I actually used to do exactly that – write sub-headings as I went  – but not recently.  Mostly my writing is good, although I need to distinguish in my mind the between blog and essay writing more.  I also need to be less subjective when discussing work, especially in the essay writing, and have been given some tips to shift what I say into a more objective position.

I have requested permission to include some of the feedback here but have not yet received an answer.  I do find it very useful being able to highlight and underline certain sentences as that process makes the information settle more firmly in my mind.

In the absence of an answer here are some points that stick out for me as important to remember:

  • A statement about the difference between iconic and indexal signs has sent me into spin and I am now searching the web to gain a better understanding about this
  • A statement following on from the above refers to painting nudes being a product of an artist’s mind whereas a photograph must have a real person in front of the camera – I am confused by this too.
  • I could have taken more clues from the processes used about what was being communicated, e.g. discontinuous narrative in Manray’s montage of images and moments making the viewer do the work compared to Rosler’s realtime film made at a time when montage was no longer new and surprising.
  • My choice of artists was good but I have been advised to look at the 80s next, which I had planned on doing anyway.  I have also come across some interesting current artists which may well be appropriate to include in A2.  I shall see how things pan out.
  • “Tackle the claims of authors” – I was worried I was being too strident but the example given to me where I didn’t tackle a claim is, in retrospect, a valid point and I shall remember to be even more vigilant!
  • I really enjoy writing but find it immensely challenging and tiring, especially when writing about subjects that I am not confident with, or feel a bit murky about.  I use writing to work out how I feel and what I think about things.  So I am grateful for the advice I was given and hope it will enable me to feel less like I’m desperately trying to pull coherent sentences out of muddy thoughts that occur in my exhausted, slow, old brain.


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6 thoughts on “Feedback for A1

  1. Hi SJ,
    Really glad that you have received the positive comments and some direction.
    Bear in mind that in part 3 you will cover semiotics and so index and iconic – look at p51 for a reference. Also good to read Chandler if you have not done so already.
    With regard to the ‘nudes’, I think one is indexical and the other iconic: photo and painting respectively I think but could be wrong.
    Finally, have a look at ‘Inspiring Writing in Art and Design’ by Pat Francis. I bought an e-version and found it interesting with a few good bits I still have to write up. It was mentioned at some stage on the OCA Forum which is why I bought it.


  2. Great that you’ve had positive and useful feedback.I do the same regarding sub-headings although I don’t always then delete them because they help to break up a stream of writing and make it easier to read, particularly on a blog post.

    If you haven’t got the Chandler book you can access the online version through here – http://visual-memory.co.uk/daniel/Documents/S4B/the_book.html . and he refers to iconic and indexical under the ‘signs’ section. If you can’t find it I can copy the section and email it to you.


  3. I am glad for you that you have received a very detailed and constructive feedback. I enjoy very much your writing and by reading your posts it seems that it comes naturally for you, contrary to your affirmation. Do you intend to rework the assignment?


    1. Thanks. No, there was nothing in the feedback to suggest reworking the assignment. It was overall very positive but also filled with constructive help too. Unless one had gone disastrously awry I’m not sure how useful reworking A1 would ever be given time constraints. For me, take forward what one has learnt and try to implement it next time round. And as a side point, you don’t have always have to agree with a tutor. Although justifying your choices under those circumstances might be useful, I think. Depends.

      07581 694934 http://www.sarahjanefield.co.uk @fieldsarahjane


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