UVC Hangout 6/3/16

Last night a small group of us met again online and chatted through our concerns with the course, learning, feedback, lack of it, personal photography work and other things.

The main points for me were as follows.

  • It can be very confusing when we receive conflicting advice from different parts of OCA.  In particular, posting other people’s images on our blogs rather than providing links, which may infringe copyright law.  A few people have got round this by making their blogs private as some tutors asked for images to be included.  After some discussion it was thought that the general advice on the OCA forum is to avoid posting images.  I also recall reading that we are advised NOT to make our blogs private unless we feel very strongly that we wanted to.  I wish OCA’s advice on this was consistent, rather than leaving it up to individual tutors.
  • The other conflicting advice is whether or not we are able to post tutor’s feedback on our blogs.  Again, I wish there was firm and consistent advice about this. If we are being encouraged to have open blogs, and therefore being asked to take risks about publishing our thoughts and opinions, then it makes sense for the tutor’s remarks to be public too.  If, on the other hand, we are to be encouraged to keep our work private it makes sense to keep the tutor’s remarks private as well.  I think there are pros and cons for both sides of the argument.  I would say that some of my TAOP blog has been viewed quite a lot so someone somewhere is getting something out of it.  Whether or not that is a good thing is debatable.
  • However, since I am still waiting for feedback on A1 I can only guess as to what will come my way and will deal with specific issues  as and when they arise.
  • Another issue with UVC as a course is the depth we should go into and the time it ought to take.  Many of the subjects we cover are extremely difficult and even obtuse.  But this is only a level 1 course and it is well to remember that.   It would be helpful to have some, even a hint of advice over this.  Without feedback I am at a loss.
  • I know from speaking to everyone else I need to look at the Harvard way of referencing because I have not been doing it correctly.
  • Finally, I have been thinking about the word ‘annotation’ as we are asked specially to annotate – and trying to reconcile that word with my tendency to work things out (and habit of) thinking through my writing, and how that fits with advice, in response to a question I asked about writing sentences rather than notes, from my new tutor.  I will look at the link we’re given about annotation and try to work it out!


Maybe I should have just done Context and Narrative like everyone else!




5 thoughts on “UVC Hangout 6/3/16

  1. Hang on in there Sarah-Jane. Yu seem to be doing really well to me in finding a way through quite complex material.
    Your comments about inconsistencies are valid. Do you think it would be a good idea to get in touch with the OCASA Photography Rep about this? I checked with my C&N tutor about publishing his feedback and he was fine with that but I know other tutors haven’t been keen. I do think that OCA should produce guidelines on this, especially when, as you say, our blogs are supposed to be public.


    1. Catherine, I’m still awaiting my feedback. I will take a view about contacting OCA about these issues if I am given confusing messages. Although I can see why privacy is appealing in some regards, I think in general I would opt for open blogs and open feedback. (Of course, if someone ripped the shit out of my work, I might change my mind!… let’s see what happens) There is something to be said for hiding away and allowing one’s work to evolve in private but I think being part of an open online community is more beneficial, and we just have to learn to ignore any possible twits out there, although I don’t think many have had to deal with that nonsense. I think I had a troll-like remark on my twitter feed the other night but due to the fact I don’t really get text-speak, I had no idea what the critter actually meant so just blocked and ignored him! But that stuff is rare with us lot. I will keep the OCA photography rep in mind – thank you. And thanks for your encouragement too 🙂

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  2. On the subject of images, I have been singularly very successful in getting permission from artists to present them on my blog. It s true that I’ve only approached living artists, the others seem take a long time to respond and then usually only through their legal team or gallery!
    On the blog public/private question, I’ve always been public on the basis that in the end I am trying to communicate something of me to another, and if I keep that private that one person who might comprehend what I am going on about would struggle to stumble upon it. Having said that, the chance that the one person who might understand what I am going on about is probably doing something far more interesting than reading my blog!
    Another way of putting this is, that the blog is a conversation you have with yourself for the joint benefit of you and your tutor. If you get other traffic to your blog – which is expressly for educational needs – you should welcome that wandering visitor, but also treat them as a real bonus i.e. not try and work the blog as vehicle for driving audience figures.
    As for depth, I never even dipped my toe in to UVC, let alone jump in from the high-board, however I am very sure you will swim fine and be so much better prepared for whatever comes next.

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