A morning of challenges

This morning I attended a coffee morning hosted by a local group Muslim women who run a community group.  The group is aimed at celebrating muslim women and exploring how they are able to be strong, accomplished women within the boundaries of their purdah.

I offered to take photographs, knowing I would be restricted.  The group were very pleased to accept my offer and I took several photographs of the morning which they will use within the group to publicise it.  I was asked explicitly not to post the images online, even though I took no photographs of any faces (except of those whom I knew would be ok with it, and whose permission I had first obtained).

The challenge was how to document an event without showing faces.  As I left, I discussed doing further work with them.  I would love to reach a point where I can do portraits but stay within the boundaries that these women live by.  We’ll see if I get there. I have a  booklet from them which describes how the prophet “purged the world … from the subjugation of women”.

The second challenge is for me, a white, liberal, western women with strong feminist ideals to look at this objectively. And two remain open minded.  I am sure I will learn more than a thing to two!

Needless to say, I won’t be putting any images up here.  But I do hope in time I will be able to do some work with these women.  We will have to see.


4 thoughts on “A morning of challenges

  1. Congratulations for your initiative! It will be a very interesting project. I think staying objective is not possible. In my opinion it is more about respecting your subjects and expressing your view about certain issues. The thing that they trust you is a big step foward. Good luck Sarah-Jane!

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