On Sunday we had a second hang out with members of the UVC group.  It was good to reconnect and Doug has been instrumental in keeping us all up to date with each-other  via email and by suggesting these hangouts.  I did not have much to contribute due to my recent move and have not been able to do any work for weeks.  I hope to get back into things shortly as time is running away.  I am also looking forward to receiving my feedback for A1 as I’m slightly hesitant to keep going without knowing whether or not the work I’ve done so far is pitched in the right way.  I  am also worried, like others were the other night, that I might be spending too much time on the projects especially as my time is limited and there is a deadline to get all of Level 1 completed.  Of course all of that is academic if I don’t get on with the reading and thinking for projects leading up to A2.

One thing I have been doing which may or may not turn into something is recording images of the house I’ve moved into.  I’m not good at moving.  I find it hugely destabilising and was grief stricken about leaving my old place even though where we have come is better for us, and I was more than ready to leave the smaller flat behind. Briefly, I am interested in how I begin to imprint myself onto and into the new space.  I’ll keep going with that.  I am missing the practical exercises from TAOP

Image (c)SJField 2016


5 thoughts on “UVC Hang Out 7/2/16

  1. I can understand the feeling regarding the projects etc. I actually contributed to the OCA site Visual Studies thread that Peter runs. It took me ages reading through the article, trying to make sense of it and then attempting to construct a response. I don’t think it’s something I could do very often on top of everything else.
    I took photographs when we moved house – the boxes of stuff and what the garden was like etc and have kept on doing this as everything has altered. In fact, of course, it became a ‘set’ for me!
    I think you’ll enjoy Cig Harvey’s work. She speaks so well about her approach and I do hope she comes back to the UK at some point even if only for an Exhibition. Her approach to narrative is so good so she’s one of my models to follow. I have her book “Gardening at Night” as well.


  2. I need to get more involved with Peter’s discussions. There’s a hang out happening next month I think that I want to attend. I have really enjoyed learning everything so far on uvc. Just life has now got in the way and there are some huge changes going in which are taking up all my time and energy. I shall try to watch the video about Cig Harvey this evening but am likely to fall asleep soon as have sinus trouble on top of everything else! Probably just run down after a very tiring couple of weeks. I’d love to see your set of home images sometime.


    1. Moving house is very stressful even when it’s a good thing to happen – so much energy used and decision-making. Sorry about the sinus problems. I’ve had a look for the home images but haven’t located them yet. It’s strange because I can seem them in my mind’s eye and remember writing about them.
      Hope you enjoy Cig Harvey. Have a look at her early series as well.


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